5 Methods Through Which Teachers Can Fight Depression

April 15, 2021 Fight Depression

Depression is a topic that is now often explored die to the changing times, but we limit it to the younger generation, corporate professionals, actors and high profile people but teachers often go amiss. Isn’t that strange? The people who work one of the toughest jobs do not even come in our discussion. The very nature of tutoring is so stressful that most of them face burnout and work fatigue after some time. The monotony of the job, lack of growth and a diverse range of work puts them under tremendous pressure. In this blog, we will find out some interesting ways through which tutors can free up and stay strong in their profession.

Develop a Good Relationship With Students

Tutors need to have a positive attitude towards the learning process and think of students as a part of their extended family. This will reduce conflicts, complaints and will enhance the focus of the students. When you have a bad day as a tutor, open up with your students and make the situation more manageable. Apart from teaching, do discuss about the current trending topics and make sure that there is a healthy discussion going on in the class. Remember, aggressive behaviour or keeping quiet about depression will not solve the problem. Make the classroom your playground and you can be in a better mental state. 

Avoid Harsh Punishments

Depression often creates extreme anger and that results in passive aggression in the way a person talks and behaves in the classroom. There is a slight difference between strict teaching and a sadistic behaviour that makes students scared of you. Tutors facing personal or professional issues tend to react violently leading to a troublesome situation for the students and authorities. Instead when you feel depressed, teach something that is easier, take some time off from your daily routine, conduct a surprise class test. These things will help you feel better and buying some time will reduce the depression level.

Take Help of a Counsellor

Schools these days have counsellors that are mostly meant for students.As a tutor you have every right to take help from experts. Academic institutions have psychologists who can refer you to experts who can figure out your problems and provide medications as and when necessary. Speak freely about your problems and make sure that negative thoughts and depression can slowly start reducing. Many people consider it a taboo and avoid visiting a mental health expert, which in turn amplifies the problem. As a tutor, always go ahead and take help whenever necessary. This will make your life easier and as you go through different activities during therapy sessions, you will slowly overcome depression even if it is chronic.

Minimize Your Routine Activities Outside The School

Tutors these days have a massive routine that starts with teaching in school, attending tuition classes, online activities, and doubt clearing sessions, making it a very tight schedule. During examinations, the increase in doubt clearing classes and test performance analysis adds on to the pressure along with administrative works in the schools. When you feel depressed, reduce your teaching activities to the bare minimum and make sure that you have enough time to sleep and rest. If you are a private tutor, put your batches on hold and do not spend more than 3-4 hours on teaching a day. Yes, your earnings will decrease but mental health is far more important than earning money. People fail to deal with depression because they have to pretend that everything is okay and life must go on as usual. Stay out of it. Reorganise your routine so that you can breathe easy and tackling depression becomes easier.

Practice Your Hobby

Depression stops people from doing anything that they like. It stagnates your thought to a level where even everyday survival looks difficult. So, try to find out at least one such hobby that can change your mind for good. It can be refreshing and help you come out of this critical situation. Whenever you find time, start doing things that you like and it will be beneficial in the long run.




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