5 Reasons Why Playing Chess Can Help Your Kids

March 30, 2021 Chess

Chess is an excellent game for brain development. When children play this game they are able to think strategically and with time their patience grows. Due to several such reasons, online chess as well as offline academies, are getting a lot of registrations from young kids. Those who take this game professionally go on to become grandmasters and can play in the international circuit. FIDE, the global body of international chess players, maintains ranks and encourages people to play this game more often. In this article, we will discuss specific reasons why chess should be played by kids from a very early age.

1. Enhances the IQ

Chess increases the IQ of children. It is common knowledge that due to the complexity of the game, a good chess player solves Mathematical and scientific problems in a better way. This game makes you think about your opponents next moves and in the process, widens your intuition power. Planned approach and strategic thinking help them do well in analytical subjects that are good for their careers.

2. Better Concentration

Chess has the potential to go on for hours and it is one of the reasons it has one of the least viewership among all indoor sports. The audience is bored but managing your nerves for such a long time helps you to improve your concentration. Encourage your kids to play chess and they will be able to study for long hours without getting tired.

3. Prevents Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s is quite a common disease now. A recent study has proved that playing chess can reduce the risk of this disease. Well, it has a simple logic. Just the way our muscles build up because of continuous physical exercise, playing chess helps in the exercise of our brain and helps it stay fit and sane. Undoubtedly, chess is now a doctor’s recommended game to have a positive mental state.

4. Problem-solving Skills

Chess is a game of problem-solving. Hence, playing this game helps us learn how to face difficult situations and solve them in the best possible way. Thus a child who plays chess is expected to be more confident, smart, and independent. He develops problem-solving skills which help him to be more successful in the future.

5. Spatial Skills

Playing chess enhances the spatial skill in a child. Spatial skill is the skill to visualize an object in a better position. Chess is a game of pre-thinking. It increases the ability to manipulate the objects mentally and increases the power to place it right. When one has the mental power to solve a problem before actually working on it,




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