5 Stimulating Activities For Students To Deal With The Lockdown Blues

April 9, 2021 Lockdown Blues

The covid19 pandemic situation has locked down the entire world in the four walls of their houses. Students suffer the most, where not only are they devoid of living a healthy life with lots of educational and sports activities, they are also stuck at home just like everyone else. As the schools and colleges are closed for an indefinite period, they cannot attend the school, meet their friends, or learn new things to get their minds refreshed.

However, it is a surprising fact that many students are utilizing this situation for their benefit. This lockdown period let us evoke new thoughts and read about the stimulating activities the students are performing to cut the boredom.

Providing Voluntary Services

Of late students are often found to take an interest in a variety of social activities. Cleaning up services, planting more trees, and arranging funds to provide food to the needy people, are some of the most popular activities taken up by students during this time. This is an excellent initiative because it is helping society as a whole and assisting the students in becoming more disciplined throughout their lives.

Cooking and Baking

This lockdown has proved to be fruitful for the mothers too. Be it a boy or a girl, it has become a trend among teenagers to try and experiment with new dishes now and then. After following different cooking channels or online cooking classes, they love to lend their helping hands in the kitchen. Thanks to these channels, cooking and baking have become quite easy to learn. The presentations of such classes are awe-inspiring and hence attracting the generation. Although many times the kitchen is left in a mess. However, it is good that they find cooking as a recreational activity.

Looking After Their Health More Than Ever

Coronavirus has left such an impact on the young minds that the students are found to take their health more seriously now. Maintaining hygiene is their first priority. Meditation and workouts are a part of their daily routine. Students are religiously following a healthy lifestyle wherein they eat nutritious food and strictly cut down junk foods. They complete a minimum of eight hours of sleep and focus on building up their immunity. 

Performing Brainstorming Activities

There is a long list of brainstorming activities which the students are enjoying during this pandemic situation. A lot of fun and interactive guessing games, the likes and dislikes game, no subtitles game, English Shiritori game, and compound word game are most commonly played fun-filled brainstorming games enjoyed by the students.

Working on Self Talent

The entire nation going under lockdown has helped the students from every nook and corner to find their own talent. Every student is different and this lockdown has helped them develop their unique talent. The most popular tutor search portals encourage them to focus on their interest and learn new things from the experts. Teachers from across the nation are guiding the students to work on their right talents. Online classes of cooking, art, and craft, beautician courses, interior designing courses, fashion designing, digital marketing course graphic designing, jewellery designing, creative writing, video editing, etc. are conducted by learned tutors. They are helping the students more than ever. 

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