6 Compelling Reasons to Learn Hindi

May 10, 2021 Learning

Hindi was declared an official language by the constitution of India in 1950. Since then, the language grew in importance and eventually a lot of non Hindi speaking people also started to learn the language for better office communication. As per 2011 census data, 52 crore or about 43.6% of the Indian population speaks in Hindi. But these are just statistics. Today we will discuss why learning Hindi online can be a great way to get an idea of the Indian culture. Moreover, it will help you surround  yourself in good company as making friends will be easier than ever.

Here are the 6 reasons why we feel that learning Hindi can be a great option in India.

Enjoy Bollywood

Bollywood, or the Hindi film industry makes around 1000 movies a year. Different kinds of films like documentaries, thrillers, action, comedy, feature films are made which you can enjoy.

Knowing Hindi will help you enjoy the movies more. Of course you can say that subtitles are enough but deep down we all know that the reality is different. When you can understand the dialogues and are able to comprehend the meanings, context and philosophies behind it, the cinematic experience is so much better.

Bollywood is almost like religion in India; if you know the songs, cast and story of films you can discuss for hours. That is why learning Hindi is a good idea, if you want to feel the essence of India as a whole.


Hindi is a great way to understand India’s spirituality. That is because all the religious texts like Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads which are written in Sanskrit, have been translated to Hindi by eminent authors.

There are beautiful bhajans in Hindi dedicated to divine powers. Also, devotional hymns are written in Hindi which you can sing and dance, once you can feel the rhythm of the profound spirituality.

There are many Sadhus across Northern India, who have spent their entire life preaching religious texts and its implications in our life. You can easily talk to them and discuss your feelings.

Language barriers are a big problem in case of religious texts as translated works miss out the essence of the work and you might have a flawed understanding. Learn Hindi and it will help you in your spiritual quest.

Speak to Half a Billion People

Knowing Hindi will be of great benefits if you want to make friends. Even though we have 22 official languages, Hindi is spoken by almost half of India’s population. Even those who do not speak, due to Bollywood movies and songs, they can at least understand the language.

Hindi will help you communicate with anyone in this part of the world. While travelling by train or flight, you can pick up an easy conversation with an outsider. The more you can talk and mix with people, the more you can enjoy yourself.

Talking to your colleagues, drivers or shopkeepers, knowing Hindi will let you express yourself freely and communicate well. So learn the language and speak your heart out.

Learning Other Regional Languages Easier

Hindi is basically written in the Devanagari script, which is the basis for many other regional languages in India. Sanskrit, Marathi, Bhojpuri for example are written in the same script. Learning other languages becomes easier as your base is strong.

As the writing pattern and the vowels/consonants almost remain the same, you can easily learn other regional languages like Marathi, at ease. The more languages you learn, your scope of working in various local languages will also increase.




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