7 Compelling Reasons for Students to Focus on Music Lessons

May 5, 2021 Music Lessons

Students often find it incredibly difficult to deal with long hours of study and a mammoth syllabus. They tend to give up; some resort to self-harm or even suicide and others develop a tremendous hatred for education altogether. This can be easily avoided if you start taking your music lessons seriously. Yes, the more you indulge in musical activities, the more your mind will be free from all these stresses. Whenever you feel bad about yourself, just pick up an instrument you like and start playing. Sing your favorite songs loudly, so that even your neighbors can hear!

In this blog, we discuss 7 benefits that students can easily get by learning music while taking a break from studies

1. Language Skills

Learning music helps to develop the learning capacity of the brain. The left side of the brain, which helps human beings process languages, gets a boost by learning music. Researches on neuroscience have proved that students learning music, as a higher chance of learning more than 2 languages, at ease due to quicker functioning. In the long term, music also adds to your extracurricular activities and with a greater number of languages, you will have multiple career options open for you.

2. Better Test Score 

Music acts as a brilliant stressbuster, which enhances the ability of students to focus more on studies. Studies have shown that those who are learning vocal or instrumental music, scores better than their counterparts in various subjects. This happens because our brain gets tired after long hours of study. If not given enough relaxation, then any person will lose their memory in important times like examinations, as we all know, an overworked machine is bound to crumble. After studying for an hour or two, just pick up your guitar and play your favorite songs; that will be magic. Results will improve and you will stop hating your syllabus. 

3. Mathematics Skill

While learning music, you will be learning the rhythm of the music. While doing so, you will have to use logic to understand the rhythm count and bars, which will enhance your brains ability to use logic to understand numerical functions. This is why it is often found that those who learn music tend to be good at mathematics. Fractions are used in music to mention the length of notes. Also, the time signature gives an idea about the rhythm, which is a direct connection between mathematics and music. So, if you want to be good at mathematics, start learning music from a young age.

4. Better Brain Function

Music has a very powerful effect on the brain. Research have shown that music helps the brain to become stress-free, enhance memory capacity and reduce pain in case of injuries. Also, music therapy has been healing patients across the world. The word famous Raagas of Indian classical music has been doing miracles around the globe. Ailing patients in hospital ICU are getting better either by singing along with popular songs or feeling the mysticism of these wonderful raagas. Whenever you feel tired, depressed, or extremely anxious at any point of time, just put your headphone on and start playing your favorite playlist. Forget your stress; feel rejuvenated. 

5. Creativity

Music improves your creativity to a large extent. This is because music composers need to have a creative mindset, to construct a beautiful tune. They are a class apart for a reason. In general, when a student learns something new in music, then after a while, he/she tries to set up a unique tone on new lyrics, enhancing the creative aspects of the brain. Furthermore, music makes you think and analyze each song’s composition, which encourages you to utilize your musical knowledge and find a way to create something unique. Your signature tone..huh..who doesn’t want it?

6. Social Connect

Music is a great way to connect with people socially and build a solid network. When you form a band or play in an orchestra, you learn to socialize with people and share your opinion confidently in a group of individuals. You make great friends in music. Apart from this, as a student, when you perform in school and college fests, then you create a fan following. People would love to connect with you through social media and you become a celebrated figure within your circles, which grows with time.

7. Trains the Ear

Music trains the year and you begin to appreciate and feel the sounds of nature more deeply. A bird chirping or the fall of a raindrop or people smiling would sound different to your ears and you will feel exuberant in this diverse mix. Your muscle memory improves and every vowel and word spoken in the course of a song would be introspected carefully by you. As a student, you will begin to listen to softer sounds beautifully and this is a great observation.





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