Follow These 5 Steps for Your Virtual Workout

March 26, 2021 5 Steps for Workout

Fitness freaks are going through a tough time. The Coronavirus has forced gyms to shut down, which created problems for all its members. Many started gaining weight and all the weight loss routines went for a toss. With time, gym lovers decided to prepare a new routine online and use apps to track their progress. For some, it worked while others found it impossible to carry on their workout sessions at home, due to lack of equipment and other issues. 

In this blog, we try to decode what it takes to maintain disciplined workout routines.

1. Get an Online Trainer

The first thing you need to do is subscribe to a fitness program and get an online fitness expert to guide you. Share your past training schedule and details so that your new trainer can get an idea of your physical requirements and plan accordingly. Do not hide anything; be very clear with your physical limitations, including past injuries, genetic issues or any other problem that can cause damage if not properly taken care. Once your gym trainer gets a clear idea, he will prepare a workout plan for you. Tell him to allocate a time table and provide substitutes to compensate for the lack of equipment at home. 

2. Take a Weekly Target

Taking a weekly target is vital as it will help you to reach a particular level of fitness. While you are at home, there will be days when you just don’t feel like exercising. Eventually, with many such days, your physical fitness will take a hit and years of hard work will come to a grinding halt. Set a realistic target, including exercises of the chest, back, shoulder, leg and arms. 

3. Compete Harder

Start competing with your gym buddies and push yourself to the limits. See who can do more push-ups, how many miles you can log in, who can hold the longest plank, how well you can maintain your diet, calorie burns and compare who does it better. The more you compete with yourself and your friends, you become a tougher person. However, remember to take care of your health and have enough protein supplements to back up these massive calorie burn exercises. Compete and grow, that’s how virtual workouts should be used. 

4. Use a Virtual Training App

Virtual training apps are effective in improving your workout routines. Download some of these apps and see how many calories you are burning daily, distance walked, push up counts and see if your daily targets are met. Also, see videos of gym trainers in case you forget some of the exercises or want to learn something new. Fitness apps are seeing a massive spike in download as more and more people are working out from homes. In these Corona virus situations, it is important to stay safe and virtual workout is the best option. 

5. Share a Training Plan with Your Guide

Tell your guide the detailed plan and he will be able to manage your workout sessions through video conferences. Maintain a shared Google doc and write and update it every day, mention your daily activities for reference. Once you reach your set target, highlight it and let your trainer and partners know about it and give a smiley to celebrate the achievement.

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