Future Roadmap of Independent Academic Institutions in a post COVID World

March 12, 2021 COVID World

The COVID 19 pandemic situation has brought about a significant disruption in the education system of the entire world. Be it an institution or a university, the entire educational landscape is undergoing a transitional period wherein the educational hubs are all set to transform themselves and take up the new system as a challenge. The importance of technology has thus been well demonstrated in this COVID period. Eventually, this has helped the student from every nook and corner of the world to learn irrespective of their physical barrier.

When the entire world is in the rat race of transition and transformation of the education system, India will surely be among the winners. Let us have a look at the futuristic concept of what independent learning will be: 

School Right From Home

The school from home concept or, more precisely, ‘homeschooling’ has emerged as a result of the outburst of COVID fear. Schools and educational institutions have formulated the idea of online teaching so that schooling and learning suffers no interruption. Although the government (both central and state) is yet to authorize this kind of format to any educational institution, the idea of homeschooling is definitely a thing for the future generation.

The Online Method of Schooling

With the help of information technology, several applications have enabled the ‘school from home’ concept. It has helped both the students and the teachers to continue their work right from the comforts of their home. The live sessions allow the student to have a face to face conversation with the teachers and clear their doubts just the way they used to experience in the classrooms. Moreover, it allows the teachers to impart knowledge to the students from anywhere and at any time.

The Teachers in a New Role

Online teaching has pushed teachers to emerge in a new role. The new methodology demands the knowledge of technology more than knowledge of a particular subject. Hence the teachers of today have to be friendlier towards mobiles, laptops, and computers. Eventually, it gives a sharp rise in job opportunities to the teachers of the present generation.

AI-Enabled Self-Learning Techniques Comes in the Forefront

AI or Artificial Intelligence is empowered with loads of technologies. With the help of such self-learning techniques, AI updates itself every now and then. It keeps on upgrading itself by learning new things. Thus the future learners have their doors opened to personalized learning and personalized doubt clearing methods. This evokes the idea of independent learning to them and they can learn and practice at any time of the day. 

The Innovative Way of Grading

New methodologies and technologies implemented by the AI are designed to recreate the idea of examination and grading. The teachers are no longer burdened with the traditional concept of examining the student’s worksheets one by one and grading them each. This gives the teachers more time to get ready for the practical classes. Also, they are more encouraged to develop high-quality learning materials and concepts for the students.

Under this scenario, it is undoubtedly a smart move to shift to an online educational system. Trainers and tutors of the new era should collaborate with the ed-tech learning companies, schools, and colleges and learning centers to be prepared for an unpredictable future.

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