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Launching Cities - Kota / Raipur /Bangalore and Hyderabad

Kota - Rajasthan
Raipur - Chhatishgarh
Bangalore - Karnataka
Hyderabad - Telangana


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Kota City - Rajasthan


Mahendra Kumar

Learn MATHEMATICS by MAHENDRA and feel it !!

Not yet reviewed!

Nipun Panwar

Will boost ur brain and make u stand on ur on feets👍🏻

Not yet reviewed!
Not yet reviewed!


+From 9th-12th)Academic,NTSE,IIT jee,Medical professor

Not yet reviewed!

Vivek Rathore

Learning won’t Stop. MATHS tuition by VIVEK RATHORE 5+ year teaching experience

Not yet reviewed!


11th,12th,and 13th class JEE ADVANCE,MAINS,NEET-UG NTSE,KVPY,NSEJS,INJSO,NSEC,INCHO expert in inorganic chemistry.

Not yet reviewed!

Rounak Sir

Lets Learn with an Interesting way with me ROUNAk.M having 4yrs of Teaching Experience with enhancing students growth.

Not yet reviewed!
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Raipur City


Divine Buddha Classes

[su_custom_gallery source="media: 3059,3060,3061,3063,3064,3069,3068,3067,3066,3065" limit="18" link="image" target="blank" width="100" title="never"]Divine Buddha Classes Presents :-Lear

Not yet reviewed!


Unravelling the mystery in Chemistry

Not yet reviewed!


Passionate about mathematics

Not yet reviewed!


 Rajpur, Raipur, Chhattisgarh, 492001

Not yet reviewed!


Commerce Stream...Now Stream Online with me for all your Commerce Subjects. Basically Half CA & teaching since 5 years.

Not yet reviewed!

Bharat Sir

The best way to learn is learning with fun

Not yet reviewed!

Katha Dutta

Learning won’t Stop. Tuition by [Katha Dutta] ( 2 years of experience)

Not yet reviewed!


as i am the civil engineer so here is my tag line that karke dikhayenge haa bhyi haan

Not yet reviewed!

Roshni Maam

Here to solve your maths phobia , you will stop hating maths and enjoy it that I can guarantee .happy learning

Not yet reviewed!

Rahul Sir

Learn best tricks and tips from NIT graduate

Not yet reviewed!
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