How to Teach through Google Meet

April 12, 2021 Google Meet

As online learning is reaching the peak of its popularity, multiple apps are coming into the forefront. We already had older apps like Skype and Youtube, newer players like Zoom and Webex, which became overnight sensations. Their downloads spiked and video conferencing became a routine activity in our lives. Office meetings, tuition classes, online concerts; in short, the pandemic changed the way we use to live our life. It brought a transformation and apart from the initial hiccups, people started enjoying these new technologies.

In this blog, we will discuss Google Meet and its features that can improve online learning to a large extent.

Reliable and Secured Video Conferences

Google meet has a very high quality enhanced security features that protect information shared in these meetings. The meeting ID is 10 characters long and so difficult to hack under any situation. Google already has an in-built browser, so there is no need to download any additional apps/websites/plug-ins. Schools can easily set up their personalized accounts where only students can enter the chat room and take the classes.

Easy Data Sharing Facilities

You can share documents through Google meet comfortably. This includes al e-learning materials, questions/answers, results and analytics in spreadsheets that will be extremely useful for the students. Conducting the classes has already become quite easy, but with Google meet, the system will get even more flexible. Online classes generally have a vast amount of documents that need to be shared and Google meet makes it simpler for you.

Interface and Recording

Google meet has an excellent interface with an expanded tilted layout that allows upto 100 participants. Google is also making use of AI to adjust the lighting on the screen based on external conditions. They also have wonderful recording features, which are generally for paid G-Suite members, but considering the present situation, you can record all your classes till September 30. As for class timings, Meet allows 60 minutes of uninterrupted video conferencing, after which you need to get a paid subscription.

Overall, Google Meet provides an extremely secure connection and it improves the learning experience. Tutors and students both will get very secured and reliable information, which can be easily shared. As the Coronavirus scare keeps academic institutions out of bound of the students, learning online is the only way. Tutors are also getting digitally trained to adjust to the new situation.

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