How You can Learn Dance through Online Classes

March 27, 2021 Dance Online Classes

Dancing is a cool thing to do and young people are learning it more than ever. Hip-Hop, Bollywood numbers, Salsa are extremely popular among the youth and during this COVID induced lock-down, dance tutorials have seen a massive enrollment. Dancing helps in staying fit and all the body parts remain active even when you grow old. As it is a hobby for a lot of people, especially women, let us discuss what kind of dance forms are easy to learn through online classes.

Hip Hop

This is a rage among the youth from day one. Hip Hop dances, popularised by legends like Michael Jackson and Beyonce makes everyone try it out behind the closed doors at least once. Tell me a kid who doesn’t enjoy Moonwalk and has not copied it while watching the videos. There are several outstanding Hip Hop tutorials which are available on the internet. Hip Hop dance is about the groove dance moves, ball change, back tap, body waves, hip circles and heel twist. Expert trainers will help you learn the dance with live videos, step-by-step instructions, and an instruction manual explaining things in real detail. Start dancing as much as you want and get going with your hip hop classes. 


Another prevalent Latin American dance form is Salsa, that has caught on the imagination of the youth through Hollywood. Dancing in a private party with your partner is a great feeling and that’s what caught the fascination of dance enthusiasts. Salsa is about coordination, understanding and expression of love in the most expressive form. The techniques of Salsa include turning, stylizing, body rolls, hip circles and arm styling. Apart from these, there are many more such techniques which you need to learn. Salsa takes time and it’s only for those who have tremendous patience and agility.


Another popular western dance form, break dancing, is an extremely difficult format that requires an athletic body and strong commitment. Course lessons will include basic top rock routines, six-step moves, coffee grind, pilot freeze, grooves and these video courses will help you to grab the steps at your own pace. Breakdance has similarities with hip-hop and in fact you can learn both these dance forms in your free time.

Shuffle Dance

Shuffle dance is an innovative dance form that originated in Melbourne, Australia in the 1980s and has been very popular in rave parties. The course will teach you foundational dance shuffle movements in the initial stages. This will be followed by the rhythm classes which is the most important part here. With time these rhythm beats will make you the go to guy in any party and you can show them the moves right away.

Poi Dancing

Started by the Maori community of New Zealand, Poi dancing is slightly unconventional in its approach and you will only enjoy this if traditional art forms impress you. You need to go through a lot of workshops, retreats and online videos to master this art form. Poi techniques will include weaves, butterfly patterns, fountains, buzzsaws and multiple other turns that makes the choreography more complex with tuns, twists, transitions and mini-sequences. Start learning poi and surprise your friends with a dance form that has the flavour of tribal culture. Infact, you can learn dancing at



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