Impress Everyone With These Amazing Photography Techniques

May 22, 2021 Photography

Photography is one of the most popular hobbies. People love to take pictures of themselves, family members, nature, city life, wildlife, etc. Smartphones have made it easier to take photos without any hassle. However, if you want people to appreciate your photography and take it seriously, then you need to know some technicalities of the profession. What kind of photos can you capture and what are the preparations you need to have? Well, this blog discusses some brilliant photography techniques that can make you stand out from the crowd. 

High-Speed Photography

High-Speed photography is taking pictures of things in the blink of second, which you cannot see in the naked eye. Take, for instance, a splash of water. How would you capture it? You need to have a high-end DSLR camera with a macro lens. Make sure the focal length is long enough and keep the camera far from the object. Use zoom to get the best close up visuals. Shutter speed could be1/10th and keep flashers with a low point setting. It will take time to get used to these kinds of photography. With a bit of practice, slowly, you will master the art. 

Night Photography

Getting breathtaking photos of the nightlife is a dream for many. But often due to limitations in mobile cameras, the quality fades away. To get high-quality pictures in the dark, you need to have slow shutter speed, a tripod and a stable surface to keep your camera steady. While capturing the images, try to get unique angles, use the Live view feature for a better focus, and preferably use the tripod to avoid jerking in between. Use the manual focus and with some practice, you can get the best pictures after sunlight.

Motion Blur

Search Teachers is a beautiful way of capturing a moving object while blurring the background. Fast-moving objects like a bike zooming past can be captured through this facility. Move your camera along with the subject; the background will slowly get blurred. Slow down your shutter speed and hold your camera during the movement of the object. During the shot, know the speed of your subject’s trajectory and make sure you can keep the focus the same throughout the frame.

Smoke Art

Smoke Art Photography is a captivating piece of art that intrigues people. This is a challenging job, but with practice, you can learn the technique. To do this, have a dark background. Try to use a telephoto zoom lens, capture multiple pictures, get an extra memory card, and an external flash if possible. Tripod works best while photographing smoke. Once you are done with capturing the smoke, enjoy the post-production edit, with experiments. Give color and shades and make your smoke art a magnanimous work of art.


Macro photography is about highlighting tiny objects to a large frame. Like insects, for example, capturing these small creatures or objects create a phenomenal experience for your audience. For this, a Macro lens is an obvious choice. However, you can also get these images through a reverse lens, double lens, DVD lens, or a tripod. Fix the camera, get the scene in focus, and compose the picture. 

Panoramic Photography

Panoramic photography is about capturing nature in the beast mode..literally. You stand on the cliff of a mountain and capture the Himalayan beauty. You can take horizontal or vertical shots depending on the number of things you want to cover. Zoom lenses are preferred for panoramic photos and take off the filters from the lens. Shoot in the manual mode, use ultra-wide-angle lenses for the best experiences. These are some basic instructions while practicing; you will figure out new dimensions that can work for you. After taking the photo, use software like RRS to stitch the images and create an engaging masterpiece.

Painting with Light

Painting with light is a new thing, but it is enjoyable once you know how to do it. You need a dark background, slow shutter speed and a flashlight to make this happen. You can do this on mobile also. Maintain the basics of photography; include some external sources of light like the moon, mirror lockup, noise reduction, and a strong flashlight to grasp the beauty of the image. 

Vintage Photography

Vintage photographs are pictures with an old age design to make the audience go back in time. People will feel nostalgic watching those photos. Any camera or even a mobile phone would do. Just click the photo and use grease on the edges of the mobile screen or the camera lens to get the distortion on the picture. This is quite challenging if you are a newcomer. Keep practicing and take as many attempts as you wish to. But be careful, so that the greasing does not affect your lens.

Mirror Photography

When you can show a stunning reflection on your photo, it creates an impact straight away. You need to use a small aperture for this. Focus on the subject and the reflection. Make use of maximum sunlight during the session. The surface area should be clear of any scratches. Select a flat surface and then choose which object you want to focus on. Try multiple angles and after collecting all your photos, share the best ones. The more experience you will have, your reflections will shine more.




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