Make Learning Fun with These Engaging Games

April 13, 2021 Learning

We all like to play games. It helps us focus intensely on the things we do and helps release our stress. After the Smartphone revolution, multiple Gaming apps have became our newest obsession, and kids spent hours with it. Amid this COVID-19 pandemic, people are glued to their mobiles more than ever. Online classes are in full swing and we all are trying to adjust to the new normal. But, what if these games can be used to improve the learning experience? 

In this blog, we will discuss how we can encourage students to play games that suit their learning needs.

Step Up The Difficulty Level Slowly

While engaging students in playing games encourage them to continue playing as long as they can move higher up. Slowly, they will come to a situation, which will be optimum for them. Let’s say a student is stuck at round 8 of a game. The next time he can start playing from there. This way, each student will perform at a level that suits them. Start at the easiest level and then tell them to move higher.

Keep Them in The Flow

When you go crazy with a particular game, then you stay in the flow. You forget your daily routine like eating, sleeping and keep on playing the game until you reach your goals. When the skill and difficulty level is at sync, then the flow automatically comes and the game becomes the nucleus of your body.

Immediate Feedback

Give instant feedback on the performance of the students. In games, we are immediately reminded of our failure and instantly, you can start the same round all over again. It improves the response time and as a person, we can quickly rectify our mistakes and improve performance in the next round. Similarly, during exams, instead of wasting 2-3 days for publication, tutors need to install upgraded softwares for quick results. Let the student know his fault instantly and give another chance to restrategize and sit again.

Contests and Prizes.

Everyone loves money and recognition. Just like games, announce contests and prizes depending on marks in the examinations. It will bring in more students into the competition and the level of commitment will be much more. Frame interesting rules, like toppers, will get a free movie ticket, or a restaurant pass, monetary amount and you will come to see that learning will then be real fun. Divide the students based on their merit, so that kids of similar calibre can compete at the same level. This is not to dishearten those who are slightly weaker but motivate them to do well and prepare to face the toughest challenges in life.

Compete with Yourself

In this technique, students don’t need to compete with other students but need to slowly improve their performances. Help them develop their knowledge base and slowly the scores will gradually rise from 50, 60, that. In this process, they will be able to grow in confidence and a gradual improvement in their performance level would be possible.

Gamifying the education system will be a giant step in unshackling the rigidity within it. The set teaching methods need to be revamped to make a visible difference in the ways students are learning their

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