Schools Need to Follow These Protocols as They Reopen Again

April 2, 2021 Schools Need to Follow

As the unlock 4 is on the way, schools and colleges are about to open in a few weeks from now. The home ministry has already notified that schools outside of containment zones can reopen from September 21. To avoid confusion and panic of both parents and students, strict guidelines have been issued by the government. Schools will have to follow these standard operating protocols (SOP) and maintain social distancing in the classes.

Rules for Schools to follow

Sanitization of All Common Spaces

All common spaces of the schools, including the library, labs, canteen, assembly halls and classrooms, need to be fully sanitized before the schools open. This is the first basic step that institutions need to take. This is because lab equipment, furniture, and library books will be used by many students, and the risks of virus contamination are the highest in all these places. 

Mask for All Staffs Compulsory

As we all have been following in the last six months, masks continue to be mandatory and all students, tutors and staff need to wear it throughout the day. Carrying multiple masks is necessary as students are advised to wash the mask after reaching school and wear a fresh one. The same goes for the staff and tutors. 

Voluntary Attendance

Schools cannot force students to come under any circumstances. Attendance will be voluntary and only after the written consent of parents duly signed in. Students from containment zones are not allowed to travel and have been told to continue their online classes. For others, they are free to go to school and take their classes. 

Draw Markings on The Floor

To maintain a social distance of 6 feet, floors all over the school premises need to be marked as kids are not matured enough to handle it themselves. The canteens, washroom, libraries, classrooms, assembly hall, labs and balconies need to be marked clearly. As per instructions, unnecessary queues anywhere should be avoided and no group activities will be allowed until further notice.

Health Checkup

School management must be prepared with a pulse oximeter, thermal gun and alcohol-based hand sanitizers when it starts functioning. Check the body temperature of every student while they are entering the school premises. Those with high temperatures will have to be sent home immediately. All forms of parent-teacher meetings and other activities need to be done online and the physical congregation of people must be prevented at all costs.

No Assembly/Sporting Activities

Sporting activities and other extracurricular activities should not be started until the situation comes under control. The classes will also take place in two shifts and depending on the size of the batch and tutor availability, schools are free to decide how they will manage the new format. 

Apart from the above guidelines, the ministry of health has also suggested that no items like pen, pencil, books and copies should be shared. Students must have all personal equipment and should avoid unnecessary materials as much as possible. If schools are arranging cars and buses, then it is their responsibility to clean it every day with sanitizers; seats, windows, rods and all other areas of contamination must be cleaned properly. 

Parents are terrified to send their children to schools. That is quite obvious as August onwards per day, more than 70,000+ people are getting infected from Coronavirus in India. The fear is real, but the governments and school boards are also trying to find a middle path to prevent the year losses of the students. Many exams are stalled and the gap in education has made things worse. 



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