Teaching is a Saviour for Unemployed Youth in Rural India

May 11, 2021 Teach Special

Rural India has minimal economic activities. It moves around agriculture, with very few industries and mostly self-employed individuals doing menial jobs for a living. After the COVID-19 mayhem, the rural unemployment shot up to more than 20%, due to massive layoffs amidst a slowing economy. As per surveys, 400 million workers are at risk of going below the poverty line due to this. 

As many of these workers are educated, they find it very difficult to sit back at home for no fault of their own. So what are their alternate career options?

Teaching: A Good Option to Start With

Teaching has always been a recession-proof industry. This is because, even if the economy is shrinking, people still need to get their degrees. Students will still enroll in colleges and universities, no matter how bad the situation is. Rural youths do have the knowledge to teach, what they don’t have is the experience. Gaining experience will not be difficult once you begin your classes. Even if you are an ITI major in the electrical or mechanical field, you can still teach physics and other science subjects to students from classes up to 8-9, if not more. 

Is Switching Career Risky?

A common question asked is “Will my experience count if I go back to working in the industry?”. Frankly speaking, if you have previously worked in an industry, you can always go back there anytime. Teaching will provide you a continuous income and security which makes long term planning become easier. Another point is, doing something is better than doing nothing. With millions of workers losing their jobs, it will take years to stabilize and get them back to work. Instead of sitting idle, you can choose to share your knowledge with students and be a satisfied tutor at the end of the day.

How Should You Prepare?

All said and done, becoming a teacher requires a lot of planning in the initial stage. First, you decide on the subject. Then select which classes/boards you are comfortable in tutoring. Then based on these two parameters, start preparing extensive notes, chapter-wise. After this, you will have to go through the previous year’s questions to understand which should your priority areas and mark them. Take 2-3 months to prepare yourself so that you do not become a bad teacher. Study the chapters yourself, clear your concepts, sort out the critical areas, and then take the jump.

How Much Money Can You Make?

Honestly speaking, unlimited. Yes, unlike your full-time jobs where you have a fixed salary, the earnings of a tutor can go up to any level. As you grow in experience, your teaching pattern will improve, suggestions will improve, and more students will come to you. As with all other professions, there will initial hiccups, and even earning Rs 5000 might seem difficult, but once you get settled, even Rs 50,000 is a possibility. Celebrity tutors earn anywhere between INR 3 – 10 lakhs per month from online and offline teaching. If you are unemployed youth, wasting your time playing PUBG and watching YouTube, then SearchTeachers

Where Will You Get Students?

Getting students is the final hurdle that you have to cross, before starting your tutoring career. There are tutoring portals on the net, which you can easily find in Google. The problem is that many of them make false promises which are not fulfilled later on. Keeping all these in mind, you should seriously consider MyFavTutor, a reliable platform helping students to find tutors. The website has innumerable facilities for teachers, who subscribe and your future will be settled once you can improvise yourself and get accustomed to the tricks of the profession. MyFavTutor has covered all subjects that are there in the academic and non-academic domains. All you need to do is fill up some necessary details and search teachers




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