Top Skills to Become a Beautician

May 7, 2021 Skills

Becoming a beautician or a makeup artist can be a great career choice to make. Presently young aspiring professionals who want to be a part of the glam industry, are taking these courses professionally. Today there are parlors, where trained beauticians will be able to professionally groom you with makeup for various occasions.

As a beautician, there are multiple profiles where you can work. You can be a make-up artist, hair stylist, masseur, cosmetologist and tattoo artist as well. These professions are gratifying in nature and after a few years of experience, if you are able to set up your salon, the money will start flowing in. As a beautician, you must have excellent knowledge about the human body, i.e., the suitability of a product on a particular type of skin, etc. The risk arises when a product that is not compatible with the clients’ skin and they get a medical reaction towards the product. Often times, the beautician comes under fire which is why, it is advisable for you to be sure and double check with the clients on their likes and dislikes and dermatological medical conditions.

This begs the question, what makes a good beautician? What qualities should you consider before getting into this profession? Let’s have a look.

Ability to Multi-Task

Multi-tasking is essential when you’re a beautician. You will need to cater to multiple customers during busy hours and should be able to attend each one of them. Make everyone feel at home in your parlor. As the industry is about providing solutions to help people look better, a personal approach is necessary. Your mind should be very active while working to ensure that nobody has problems while the process is on. During peak hours and festive seasons, you must be able to deal with problematic clients who will bargain till the end, know where your products are kept, keep an eye on the financial; in short, you have to do a lot of additional things apart from your desired job roles.

Good Communication Skill

Communication skills are an essential skill for a beautician as building a connection is a vital part of this profession. You need to talk to clients about their requirements and be polite while negotiating with them. Also, when there are demands beyond the professional ecosystem, you need to be firm and clearly say why it is not possible. When people will open up about their personal issues, do make them feel comfortable. If you are a masseur, you should know details of injuries and the kind of exercises permitted under certain circumstances. Also, while doing your therapy sessions, do try and maintain constant communication; ask your clients whether they are having any kind of discomfort. Being a beautician, you must work like a professional but communicate at a personal level.

Thorough Knowledge about Products

Know your products well. This is very important. Different kinds of people will visit your parlor and based on their skin sensitivity; you should be able to apply your products. We have seen that those who are allergic to certain chemicals develop skin rashes and swellings after their session is over. If things go out of hand, i.e., the damage is severe enough, there can be serious trouble. As a make-up artist, study the ingredients of your product well. Know the chemicals that can harm aged people or children and try to neutralize them in some ways or the other. The competition is very high, so remember, any kind of controversy or bad PR, will damage the reputation of your organization. This is why short-term courses (7 days to 14 days) are crucial to getting an in-depth idea of how the industry operates.

Be Fit And Positive

Beauticians have to work under a lot of pressure. This is a high-stress industry and during festive seasons, the work hours get long. Staying fit and positive is extremely important in these situations. Exercise, run, listen to music, and sleep enough to ensure that you are not tired before the day ends. The inability to deal with pressure situations might cost you your job and performance will drop. As this work involves both mental and physical involvement, you should take care of your health and approach your clients positively. There will be days when you are feeling low and are losing interest in the job. Instead of forcing yourself, take a break. Travel to a place you like, stay away from social media and come back rejuvenated to your workplace.

What Next?

These are just the basic qualities that you need to have in order to become a successful beautician. Apart from this, what is most important is to have a creative mindset. You should be able to look at a person and advise on the kind of beauty solutions they should have. You should have a clear idea for each of your clients and based on that you should try to work out the solutions. This is not a typical office going 9-5 job, so additional qualities are necessary to survive in this field. This profession, even today, is overwhelmingly dominated by women.

Secure Future Ahead for The Beauty Industry

In India, the growth of the beauty industry has surged the demand for make-up artists and beauticians over the years. Skincare products and its growing use among men have fueled the demand further. By 2025 India will lead the world in terms of beauty and the sector is expected to touch around $20 billion. With more than 2300 spas and salons as of 2018, the demand for beauticians is going to explode in the coming years.



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