Why Joining The Indian Navy Is a Great Career Option

April 28, 2021 Career

Joining the Indian Navy is a dream for many. It gives you outstanding opportunities to work in a challenging role. If you enjoy a thrilling life, then this would be an ideal option for you. However, getting into a defence service is very tough, owing to the level of questions and intense competition. In this blog, we will tell you the benefits of joining the naval forces and how to prepare for it.

Here are the five reasons why joining the Navy can be a great option

Disciplined Life

Working in the Indian Navy will develop you into a matured and disciplined person. Their daily routine of exercises, drills, academic, strategic lessons in the Indian Naval academy will change your thoughts to a large extent. This will lead you to become a more knowledgeable person. Joining the defence services gives you a different kind of life and it teaches you a lot.


Working in the Navy will give you a lot of monetary and other perks and allowances. Among them, the most prominent ones will be free healthcare, foods and ration, elite club memberships, furnished accommodation and a lot of other incentives. Your life will change for the better and as you move higher up the ranks, you become who’s who of the country. Press conferences, meetings with ambassadors and naval experts from other nations, becoming the crisis manager of the country and formulating strategies; in short, you will become what millions keep dreaming of every day.

Life in The Waters

Life in the waters is great. You get to see the best coasts, beaches and coral reefs across the world. Sit back and enjoy the scenes when there is nothing much to do. Get an idea of how the world looks like and these experiences will make you a more experienced voyager. Watch those dolphins and seahawks pass by while sipping beer in your cabin..brilliant, isn’t it? Many would say that life in the waters is quite boring, but if you are not one of those, then this is a life of pure class. During operations like hostage crisis and pirate attacks, your knowledge about the international waters and hostile territories will be of great help.

Daring Operations

This is something that you join the Navy for. Rescue operation, patrolling and countering the pirates on the oceans. Many will say that this is a life and death scenario; how can you call this advantage? You will not be able to grow your experience until you become a part of these classified missions. Indian Navy in 2011 caught hold of 6 Somalian pirates and since then due to intense patrolling, the waters across the Gulf of Aden have become safer. That’s what these people are all about. During the Libyan crisis in 2015, thousands of Indian’s were rescued by the warships from the conflict zones (Operation Rahat). These are experiences that you can share in any public event and get thunderous applause from the crowd. Great feeling, isn’t it?

Coveted Job Profiles

People often have a stereotype that joining in any defence services is all about combat. But that’s not the case. There are several cadres where you can join and get unmatchable experience as compared to your peers. Engineering is one of the most vital cadres, where you have some stellar profiles to work on. If you join as a submarine engineer, then your role will be to maintain high-end propulsion systems. In case you join the Navy as a specialist in naval architecture, you will be responsible for the design, control, repair and maintenance of naval vessels. You will be working with world class warships and get involved in shipbuilding. These are non-combat roles and you don’t have to get into any conflict.

How to Join The Navy

Joining the Navy is quite a difficult process as the recruitment examinations are of exceptionally high standards. It makes sense because if you are not mentally fit to work in a stressful environment, there’s no point in joining the defence services.

Among the ways through which you can join the Navy includes NDA(National Defence Academy), CDS (Combined Defence Services) and SSB (Services Selection Board) exams.


After the 10+2 examination (Science students only), you can directly sit for the National Defence Academy examination. You will have to sit for a 2-hour exam, entirely objective type questions on Mathematics and Verbal Ability. The total examination will be of 900 marks, following which you have to sit for the SSB interview. 


The Combined Defence Services is a graduate-level examination, where you have to sit for a 2 hour MCQ type examination. Questions will be on English, GK and Mathematics. This will be followed by Group Testing Officer Tasks, Psychology Tests and Conference. Any graduate can sit for this as long as you meet the physical fitness requirements.


The Services Selection Board exams consist of the Officer Intelligence Test (100 marks), Picture Perception Description test, Story Narration and Discussion Test, psychology test, group discussion, command tasks and many other rounds over a period of 5 days. This is the most gruelling recruitment in India and clearing these requires great leadership qualities, which will be tested in the services.

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Clearing the entrance exams for the Navy is a long term process. You need to be god in academics, physical and mental fitness. In fact, mental fitness is given a lot of importance due to the nature of the job. Cracking an SSB/NDA/CDS examination without preparation is extremely difficult without proper training and guidance.





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