10 Qualities That Makes You a Great Magician

April 18, 2021 Magician

There is just something about magic that makes people love it. Many just go crazy about going to circuses and private magic shows by famous magicians. Today, it’s a multi-billion dollar industry and young magicians are striking big deals with corporate shows, Facebook and YouTube live performances, and private shows. But apart from the glamour and fame associated with it, it’s a profession that requires years of practice, dedication and hard work. Today let us discuss the ten most significant qualities that can make you a great magician. 


Magicians should be able to attract people. The expressions and tricks should be able to draw crowds. In the entertainment business, you must be able to make people laugh and cry with you. Then you will start getting a dedicated fan following. Magic in modern times is about the technology, giant screens, stunning acts and constant commentary.


Magicians today have to tell a beautifully crafted story while the show is on. In that story, audiences should also be interacting with the performer. Storytelling improves the emotional connect just like a film or a musical performance. While you are showing the best tricks to your audience, keep communicating with the audience.


Magicians need to be terrific actors. In show business, acting continues to be the most important attribute for a performer. You should have a good voice modulation technique, expressions that match the current situation. In the old times, magicians used to get appreciation based on the quality of the acts only. Now it’s like a show where you as an actor should be able to mesmerise the audience.


There should be a strong dose of humour in your performance. Laugh out loud with the audience and make them believe that you are like a friend to them. Interact with them and throw some funny on the spot observations, much like a stand up comic. Well known magicians always spice up the show with small talks and occasional funny jokes. Make sure your audiences get an hour-long entertainment with magic, fun, brilliant visuals and constant communication.

Public Speaking

Magicians need to be very outspoken and their public speaking skills should be very strong. Managing a massive crowd in your show and entertaining them while performing your acts is quite a challenging task. Only a good public speaker can pull off these acts while continuing to speak confidently. Confidence is the key here. If your acts and the subsequent talks don’t compliment each other, then it will be an awkward situation for you. 


Magicians get to perform all over the world. The audience, set-up, lighting, availability of gadgets and language will be different. You should be flexible enough to get accustomed to these situations as fast as possible. Celebrity magicians who have already made it big, perform on their own terms. Infact organizers prepare the things according to their instructions. But, these things don’t work for the newbies and those who are struggling to grow up. Make sure you can adjust to any circumstances and do not express your displeasure even if things are not doing according to your wish. 


As a magician, you should have a razor-sharp mind and must be able to utilise any situation to your advantage. To put it simply, figure out if a person is speaking to you on behalf of someone, or has a hidden agenda which doesn’t suit your policies. In the world of showbiz, it’s quite natural to come across show organizers who are looking to reduce your pay by giving lame excuses. Figure that out quickly and give a reply to make sure that your reputation and finances are not affected.


This is a brilliant technique of deception in the world of magic. Here, a magician, distracts the audience while he is preparing for a new act. In the meantime, they are encouraged to focus on another thing. Misdirection helps the performer to do the background work that is essential for his next act. This is an important lesson and it takes time to master this act.


Magicians need to multitask all the time. You have to manage the apparatus, keep an eye on the audience, talk to them, build up a coherent story and keep the humour quotient alive. That’s what a complete package looks like. Performers these days are already accustomed with doing multiple things in front of the audience. Musicians play guitar and sing; likewise, all magicians have to keep on doing different activities on stage. Managing so many things together is a difficult task, but with practice, you can quickly develop these ideas.


You have to be very prompt during your shows, especially when interacting with your audience. Quick replies and minute observations makes the show more enjoyable for your audience. A performer must stay mentally active during the show and continue to appreciate the audience. Through this, the emotional connection increases and you indulge your audience into the show more deeply.



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