Parents! Want to Monitor Your Kids Better? Download These Apps

May 25, 2021 Parents

One of the essential parts of parenting is not only to take care of your children but also to guide them properly. Children are exposed to many things both within and outside their homes through social media and the internet. 

Such exposures can sometimes lead to adverse effects on the physical and mental health of the kids. Several reliable and efficient applications can help parents monitor their children better. Some of the most beneficial and secure applications are:

Cozi Family Organizer

This app allows families to create a calendar list, task list, plan dinner dates, and schedule other important activities. As a parent, you can monitor your child’s learning progress also through this app. How? Put all the academic activities in the task list on a daily and weekly basis. On the weekends, sit with your kids and see how much they have been able to complete. The advantage of the Cozi family organizer is that your child will know that their progress is regularly tracked, and hence studies will be taken more seriously.

FamiSafe: Parental Control

Famisafe will help you to get real-time location, monitor the app, and keep a tab on the web contents that are being consumed. You can convert this into an effective app for your child’s studies as well. Parents can block non-academic websites during schooling hours, which will ensure that your child will have to focus on his/her studies more. This app will also give you updates about whether your child is going to school or not and would reduce your tension to a large extent. 

Parental Control and Kid Tracker

This application is specially designed to track children from 0 to 6 years of age by using app blockers, GPS locators, child tracker, family locator, etc. It can show the family members’ accurate location by using a GPS locator and can also manage the screen time. 


When it comes to organizational and planning issues, Evernote is undoubtedly the best application these days. It is the best companion for parents that not only allows you to take notes, make to-do-lists with voice reminder options, but also allows you to capture photos and make all these tasks completely searchable by kids. 

Evernote works across many platforms and syncs with any device that you are using to help kids with planning and organizational issues. By using this application, parents can also keep an eye on the child’s progress by storing school reports, work emails, travel plans, wish lists, and surprise plans for kids as well.

Do You Promise

Do you promise, is one of the most useful applications that can cultivate good discipline and behavior in your children. This application tracks and formalizes the promises of ethical behavior and keeps a log of the promised reward. Children can understand the value of keeping promises through this app in a better way. Using this app, parents can make sure that their child learns decent behavior with tutors. It will improve their conduct and will be beneficial in the long term.

Screen Limit

Overexposure to devices like mobiles, laptops, or PC may lead to social addiction in children. Screen children allow the parents to set a limit for screen usage and give warnings if the prefixed time is passed. While fixing the time, make sure that the hours allocated for using the mobile phone, is used productively with studies and other important tasks like quizzes, etc. Minimize the gaming time, and by monitoring constantly, you will be able to know your child better.




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