4 Signs Your Child Needs a Tutor

May 26, 2021 Music Lessons

A tutor is not only someone who teaches your child or helps them on their way to better grades. A Tutor is someone whose presence is able to make a difference in your child’s life. A well-experienced tutor will be able to guide your child and bring about an all-round development growth for them. But how would you know that your child needs an online tutor who can teach him privately? Let’s discuss some of the vital points to understand your child’s needs.

Decline in Grades

One of the warning signs that parents need to be aware of is when there has been a steady decline in their child’s grades. One will need to look closely and figure out the reasons that have provoked this situation. Talking to the class or subject teacher will assist in enabling one to further understand the severity of the situation. Sometimes, even good students tend to perform below average. However, if the drop in grades continues for some time, you will need to talk to your child and provide them with additional help.

When one’s grades face a decline, do not rebuke your child, but first, speak to them to figure out where the underlying issues are. Scolding or shouting due to lower grades will only dampen your child’s confidence, and studies will eventually become a nightmare for them. Review the subjects where the results are unsatisfactory and hire a private tutor to solve the problem.

Lack of Confidence

When your child feels tense, especially during exams they will often look for ways to avoid their studies altogether , you as a parent need to be careful. “Exam Phobia” or the fear of exams happens when a student knows that their preparation is not up to the standard required during exams, this then results in having a poor outcome in their exams. As a parent, you should immediately consult quality tutors and spend more time with your child to make them feel comfortable.

Confidence building measures need to be applied long term. Making the tutor aware of the situation will also be helpful. Knowing the background of the child, will help the tutor address the issues as required. MyFavTutor has some of the most qualified personal tutors in India, who can help your child come out of this problem.

No Enthusiasm in Studies

As a parent, we have the notion that the child is careless about his studies. We think that with some strict disciplinary action, things will fall into place. However, we fail to notice that our child might lack enthusiasm and will need to be motivated.

There are several reasons for a child to get unmotivated. One main reason for the child to lack interest is due to the tedious method of teaching. It leads the students to think that the subject is either too easy or too tough which results in the mindset of it being pointless to study it further.

Different issues related to the child’s health or developmental abilities also affect his academic scores. Under this scenario, a teacher plays the most important role in changing the viewpoint of the student. Thankfully MyFavTutor is a space where you are able to find various tutors who will be able to fulfill your requirements.

Detachment from School Activities and Homework

Sometimes, students fail to overcome certain emotional and social barriers in learning. This might be due to the fact that they are slow in picking up certain aspects of the subject in comparison to others and are introverted. They find it hard to maintain eye contact or get strenuous in performing simple activities at school.

As a result, they develop disinterest in school activities and homework.This shows that they are in dire need of new teachers who will be able to understand their situation. Dedicated online teachers whose primary interest lies in student’s development will be able to help such students and assist them in coming out of such situations. They understand the student’s needs and are able to build a strong relationship with them. This helps them to feel safe and gain confidence.





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